March 08, 2011

March 8

"Wenn Ich ans Mic step existierst du nach zwei Sekunden nicht mehr."
-Jack Orsen, Taktloss ft Jack Orsen & Ronald Mack Donald - Gesetz des Dschungels
 "When I step to the mic you stop existing two seconds later"

Jack Orsen states that he is such a dope rapper that when he steps to the mic, he destroys mcees in two seconds. So anyone facing him would not exist after two seconds in a battle with him.
Taktloss, Jack Orsen, Ronald Mack Donald, and others were part of the group M.O.R. In the beginning it all started when they were meeting on sunday nights for openmic freestyle sessions at a hip hop club. They were all into battle rap and battled each other. This is how they developed their rap styles, by focusing on an imaginary enemy in their lyrics. So this punchline follows as a good example.

To my followers: Who is your favorite rapper (of all time)?


  1. German rapper: Kollegah
    US: Celph Titled or Ill Bill

  2. free-styling is my life,also M.O.R is the shit


  3. Gotta go with biggie.

  4. eminem is the first one that came to mind, although i'm not sure if he's my all time favorite. that's a tough question.

  5. Eminem or (I'll get attacked for this) Jay-Z. Both of them have distinct lyrical styles and neither use any autotune crap.

  6. I've always liked Tech N9NE. I don't really listen to rap though.

  7. Tupac, for sure. I love Hova, but Tupac takes it. Keep up the good work.

  8. Not a single rapper, but I enjoy Wu Tang Clan, especially Gza and Method.