March 02, 2011

March 2

"Die Zukunft ist geduldig denn sie weis das ihre Zeit kommen wird"
-Taktloss- Zukunft (BRP7)

"The future is patient because it knows that its time will come"
-Taktloss- Zukunft (BRP7)

Taktloss on Viva 2 Supreme

This is one of the most famous quotes by taktloss, probably the top one. I saw this line on wikiquotes for example. It's not so much a punchline against a imagined enemy, but more a philosophical statement. Taktloss likes to make fun of philosophy and this quote is a good example. I will surely post more philosophical punchlines in the future, when the time comes.


  1. philosophy in rap, eh? nice. I like the idea of future being patient. soothing thought. hehe

  2. A patient future might imply a predetermined future.