March 26, 2011

March 26

"Und besuch' ich Kitty Kat muss sich die Hure bücken... wie beim Blumen pflücken. Denn ob Deutsche, Kroatinnen, Russinnen, Polakinnen - Frauen sind Objekte in meinen Augen wie Kontaktlinsen."
- Kollegah - Fanpost

"And if I visit Kitty Kat the whore has to bend over... like when picking flowers. 'Cause whether Germans, Croatians, Russians, Poles - women are objects in my eyes like contact lenses."

Kollegah is a popular German rapper. Unlike other German rappers, he primarily raps about being rich, being a pimp, being a gangster, and being better than everyone else.

Good ol' misogyny. It works well with Kollegah's image. What do you think of Kollegah?


  1. nice! its very interesting i didnt know that

  2. I think Koleggah is being offensive. Nobody should treat women nor any other people like objects. Fascism and Nazism are born that way.

    BTW you omitted "Deutche" --> "Germans" in the translation.

  3. This person obviously doesn't take himself very seriously.

  4. lol, "objekte in meinen augen wie contactlinsen..."

    ganz geil xD

  5. If this is satire fine, otherwise it sounds like he has mommy issues.