March 07, 2011

March 7

"Bitch hör' auf zu träumen, Du hast nichts mit Rap zu tun.
KKS, ich bin cool und hab mehr Eier als ein Huhn.
Manche Leute meinen das meine vergleiche hinken
aber Fakt ist, ich ficke ihre hoes im rechten Winkel"
-King Kool Savas, Westberlin Maskulin - Der Punkt (Battlekings)
"Bitch stop dreaming. You  have nothing to do with rap.
KKS, I'm cool and I got more eggs than a chicken.
Some people say that my comparisons limp,
but it's a fact. I fuck your hoes in a right angle.

This punchline is by Kool Savas. He said in interviews that his lyrics might be simple, but he likes to get straight to the point. I really love his lyrics because even though he uses short and common words, they rhyme even better and he gets the message across. He also has a really nice flow of words, and I think that's what made him one of the most successful german rappers. Did you know that he was the first alive artist, besides Tupac, to get the TRL Golden Tape?
If you want to give it a try, it's a very chill song:

More on KKS? Listen to his most famous track in his rap career:
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