March 17, 2011

March 17

 I just got back from a skitrip, and I missed yesterday's blogpost. Sorry guys! Here's today's punchline:

"Gewaltbereit zu sein heißt auch wenn es unschuldige trifft positiv denken"
Taktloss - Hitz für Kidz ft Justus (BRP2)
transl.: "To be violent means thinking positive when it hits the innocent"

I don't know why I picked this one for today's punchline, but I guess I just found it funny at the time. If you listen to some Taktloss tracks you will notice that he likes to put up the image of a violent gangster. "I am a born fighting machine," is an example on the same song. Some might get the idea that this kind of rap might not be deep in meaning, but this line is a perfect example to show you that he puts thought behind his mask.

First off, this line can easily be misinterpreted as Taktloss justifying his violence by using an extreme and ridiculous example: that he doesn't stop being violent even when he hits innocent.

He really means that the advantage of being violent is when things get out of hand and there are innocent victims, being able to keep a clear head and have logical thinking. So if you and your gang get attacked, and one of your buddies is down, being a violent-prone person help you to keep a cool head and stay calm. But in the end, he just states a reason why he is violent and brutal, to impress his listeners.

I'll let you guys jam out with another featured song. This time you'll get to have a break from german rap. (I understand. It's not as awesome if you don't speak the language.) This is one of my favorite english rappers: