March 23, 2011

March 23

"Ich bin kein Star sondern die ganze Galaxie. Was jeezy? Nigga, mich zu battlen ist nicht easy. Maskulin ist Medizin für Aids-Mcees. Du hast nicht einen tighten Rhyme auf deiner pseudorap LP. Ich bin dein Stiefvater, ab jetzt tust du was ich sage. Los und gehe, übe Flows wenn du nicht willst das ich dich schlage. Auf Fragen reagier' ich überhaupt nicht oder boxe"
KKS- Westberlin Maskulin - Horror

"I'm not a star, I am the whole galaxy. What's jeezy? Nigga, to battle me is not easy. Maskulin is medicine to aids-emcees. You don't have any tight rhymes on your pseudorap L.P. I am your stepfather, from now on you do what I say. Go practice flows if you don't want me to beat you. I don't react to answers, or I start boxing.

An older punchline from the album Hoes Flows Moneytoes (1997). Back then KKS rapped differently, as you can see here. He was more obscene back then, and didn't care about what kind of sick shit he put on paper. I could have pulled out a crazier line from this song. They talk a lot about hookers, rape and pimping, also their genitals, violence and their own ability to battlerap emcees.


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