March 18, 2011

March 18

"Strassenkämpfer Taktloss, wenn ich sterbe steig' ich in den Himmel auf und nehme Hoes und Geld mit zu meinen toten Gangkumpanen. Das Aufnahmeverfahren ist simpel: du musst schießen können, du musst Nutten haben. So etwas lächerliches wie bestimmte Farben tragen ist bei uns nicht nötig. Ich bin gebürtige Kampfmaschine"
Taktloss - Hits für Kidz ft Justus

transl.: "Streetfighter Taktloss! When I die I fly up to the sky and take hoes and money with me, to my dead gang bros. The admission procedure is simple: you gotta be able to shoot, you gotta have whores. Such a ridiculous thing as wearing colors is not important to us.

Another line by Taktloss, here he says that he is in a gang. He is respecting dead rappers, because he knows that in the real rap scene in the west/east coast lot's of gangsters get shot. His own gang is not like the american gangs, they don't wear certain colors. With his gang he means the group "M.O.R" which was the earliest group of german rappers that started battlerap in berlin west. MOR constisted of some rappers such as: King Kool Savas, Justus Jonas, Fumanchu, Martin B. Taktloss, Jack Orsen, Ronald Mack Donald.
Here is a recent picture, not featuring KKS or Taktloss:  


  1. Guns and whores. Man knows what's important in life.

  2. Ist Takti eigentlich noch viel aktiv?

  3. lovin the retro music coming up these days :)

  4. takti wird wohl nie wieder rappen :(

  5. clothes are unimportant!
    Followed :)

  6. nice blog!