March 03, 2011

March 3

"Y.O. Ich rappe Punchlines
Du schmierst dich mit Heinz Ketchup ein und stellst dich tot um nicht in einem battle mit maskulin verwickelt zu werden"
-Taktloss, Westberlin Maskulin - Battlekings
"Y.O. I rap punchlines,
You smear yourself up with heinz ketchup and play dead to not get involved in a battle with us"

you now smell ketchup.

Taktloss and King Kool Savas (KKS) formed the rap duo Westberlin Maskulin, they released two albums in 1997 and 2000 before separating. This line is from the song Battlekings.

This punchline stands out because of the specific depiction about how devastating battles against the artists are. According to Taktloss, the figurative enemy will try, at all costs, to stay away from rap battles with him and his crew. He will cover himself in ketchup, to appear bloody, stabbed, and dead in order to hide from them.

I find it creative and funny. Of course this kind of humor is not for everyone, but Taktloss is such a controversial rapper, he views things from the perspective of a street kid.
Taktlos literally means tactless (beatless, not on beat), the meaning also slightly implies tastelessness or insensitivity.


  1. Deutschrap ftw :D
    most of the german rappers are funny and not so serious gangstaazzz

  2. Good dis. Also good branding... Wonder if he got an endorsement deal :)

  3. That'd be interesting to know if he got an endorsement deal. Nicely done, if so.

  4. Line seems quite specific. Is he sponsored by Heinz? He should have said Huntz instead. Anyone stepping to him would of course use an inferior ketchup.

  5. Damn, you got me into rap.
    Also, this punchline made me laugh my eyes out. Great.
    Hope to see more of them!

  6. i dont smell ketchup. but i guess thats because i dont like ketchup :D