April 12, 2011

April 12

"Bist du taktlos? Ja! Ich bin General Lee.
Die Hoe bläst das Horn zum Angriff. Deine Verteidigungsstrategie
ist beeindruckend wie die Chinesische Mauer aber sie wurde nur aus Angst erbaut.
Auf Dauer haut dich meine endlos Salve um,

Taktloss - General Lee

"Are you tactless? Yes, I am general lee. The hoe blows the horn to attack. Your defense strategy is impressive like the chinese wall but it was only built out of fear. In the long run my endless volley knocks you out"

Let's put some more life into this! I'm back with a Taktloss track that I really enjoyed, General Lee (BRP 56, 2004).
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aLLvcVmA8g (+ playlist with other songs from the album)

The song is a standart battlerap track, but in a military theme. Taktloss takes on the roll of a fictive military leader, General Lee. He chooses this comparison because the military's job is to kill people in war, and ultimately, to be killed by dying in battle. He takes this idea and puts it into rap by comparing rap battles to wars, and emcees to soldiers. I think this song has some kind of deeper meaning, just look at the chorus and try to figure it out:
"Present the gun! Do you wanna die, then come along to the army because death doesn't hurt!"

March 30, 2011

March 30

"Ich bin Taktloss weil ich das Kaos liebe. Deshalb bin ich auch kein Christ, sondern ein Anarchist, der auf das Gesetzt pisst, und der andere mcees isst. Denn man ist was man isst, du isst schweinefleisch."
-Taktloss - Kaos (WWW)

"I am Taktloss because I love Chaos. That's why I am not a christian, but an anarchist, who pisses on the law, and eats emcees. Because you are what you eat, you eat pork."

A punchline by Taktloss, on the track "Kaos". I found this punchline funny because he believes in the saying "you are what you eat" and he states that he eats other rappers.

March 28, 2011

March 28

Today's punchline will not be a punchline, instead I will post the song that I think has the biggest flows, and has great punchlines.
First up here is a good old MOR classic. "Bei Mir" (2000)


March 26, 2011

March 26

"Und besuch' ich Kitty Kat muss sich die Hure bücken... wie beim Blumen pflücken. Denn ob Deutsche, Kroatinnen, Russinnen, Polakinnen - Frauen sind Objekte in meinen Augen wie Kontaktlinsen."
- Kollegah - Fanpost

"And if I visit Kitty Kat the whore has to bend over... like when picking flowers. 'Cause whether Germans, Croatians, Russians, Poles - women are objects in my eyes like contact lenses."

Kollegah is a popular German rapper. Unlike other German rappers, he primarily raps about being rich, being a pimp, being a gangster, and being better than everyone else.

Good ol' misogyny. It works well with Kollegah's image. What do you think of Kollegah?

March 23, 2011

March 23

"Ich bin kein Star sondern die ganze Galaxie. Was jeezy? Nigga, mich zu battlen ist nicht easy. Maskulin ist Medizin für Aids-Mcees. Du hast nicht einen tighten Rhyme auf deiner pseudorap LP. Ich bin dein Stiefvater, ab jetzt tust du was ich sage. Los und gehe, übe Flows wenn du nicht willst das ich dich schlage. Auf Fragen reagier' ich überhaupt nicht oder boxe"
KKS- Westberlin Maskulin - Horror

"I'm not a star, I am the whole galaxy. What's jeezy? Nigga, to battle me is not easy. Maskulin is medicine to aids-emcees. You don't have any tight rhymes on your pseudorap L.P. I am your stepfather, from now on you do what I say. Go practice flows if you don't want me to beat you. I don't react to answers, or I start boxing.

An older punchline from the album Hoes Flows Moneytoes (1997). Back then KKS rapped differently, as you can see here. He was more obscene back then, and didn't care about what kind of sick shit he put on paper. I could have pulled out a crazier line from this song. They talk a lot about hookers, rape and pimping, also their genitals, violence and their own ability to battlerap emcees.

March 22, 2011

March 22

"Wenn du im Battle stirbst soll es so sein. Gott ist kein logisch denkendes Wesen, denn dein Leben ergibt keinen Sinn. Rap ist ein Medium in dem ich mich ausdrücke um wacks umzubringen. Deine Flows sind höchstens medium. Ich bin ein unbattlebares Individuum. Du bist ein angepasstes stück Scheisse, ich bin am Mic ein individualist."
Taktloss - Yo bitch

"If you die in battle, it's meant to be. God is not a logical thinking being, because your life doesn't make sense. Rap is a medium that I express myself through, to eliminate wack MCees. Your flows are medium at best, I am an unbattleable individual. You are an adapted piece of shit, on the mic I am an individualist.

Taktloss also has a website, if anyone is interested you should check it out www.taktloss.de

March 21, 2011

March 21

"Pimp pimp Hurrah! Taktloss ist da, um euch um zu bringen. Das mag brutal klingen.
Ist es auch. Brutalität ist der Bruder von Battlereimpriorität, zusammen sind sie wie die Atombombe.
Wenn ein Stein ins rollen gerät ist es meist schon zu spät. Senkt eure Köpfe für euer letztes Gebet. Wie ihr seht
und vor allem auch hört gerät dieses Lied zunehmenst außer Kontrolle, die volle Tanzfläche bricht in Panik aus. Denn ich gebe wie immer keinen fick. Ich ficke alle."
Taktloss - Immer Wieder

transl.:"Pimp, pimp, hurray! Taktloss is here, to kill you. That might sound brutal. It is. Brutality is the brother of BRP, together they are like an atom bomb.
When a rock gets rolling it's most of the time too late. Lower your heads for your last prayer. As you can see and most notably hear, this song increasingly gets out of hand. The whole dance floor panics, because as always I don't give a fuck. I fuck everyone."

Now this is definitely one of my favorite songs by Taktloss, and I wish I could just write down all the lyrics and translate them to you. My German readers can listen to it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwzYhhaBsaw
Let me just explain that BRP stands for "Battle-rhyme-priority" which is the title for almost all of his albums.