March 13, 2011

March 13

"Selbst wenn ich mit Rambo tauschen könnte würde ich es nicht. Mein Leben wäre zu hart für ihn" -Taktloss- Wir geben alles ft Justus (Aus Liebe)
"Even if I could switch with Rambo, I wouldn't. My Life would be to hard for him"

What kind of gangster is Taktloss, you might ask? Well his life is so hardcore that even Rambo wouldn't want to be in his shoes. I'll take a future punchline to describe why Taktloss has such a dangerous life. He is not a real criminal, but his mission is to "murder" all wack MCees, and to save the world from all bad rappers.

I'll leave you guys with a nice track, the song isn't that awesome but it's got a good beat.