March 04, 2011

March 4

"Deine innere Stimme sagt das du dich hasst, und ich weis auch warum. Du ahnst das du dumm bist du kannst es nicht wissen jedoch ahnst du es "
-Taktloss - Kein Entkommen (WWW)

"Your inner voice tells you that you hate yourself. You think that you are stupid, you can't know it, but you sense it."

 This one is pretty self explanatory. Very simple and almost primitive, but that's the general style that this rapper, Taktloss, wants us to hear.

Taktloss and Rifleman in the video for the song WWW. The german and the westcoast american made a collabo album titled "WeldWeiteWorts/WorldWideWerds"
Also about my last blog post's comments:
No, Taktloss obviously did not get an endorsement deal or any contract in any form, nor any money. As an underground battlerapper who is far away from being mainstream, he could not possibly get affiliated with a big household brand. I mean he owns his own music label called Fick die Biaatch Recordz (transl. "Fuck the bi-atch recordz". If that name is not underground, I don't know what is. He used the brand name because it is so familiar, and he really only meant any ketchup. I hope I cleared things up :).


  1. Good read.

  2. thx for the trans and nice blog, will be following ;)

  3. You're too dumb to know you're dumb haha, great line

  4. Nice Blog! Followed and Supporting!

  5. Habe noch nie von ihm gehört.. wo kommt er denn her.. weißt du das?
    Liebe Grüße

  6. Well, the name of that music label is really underground.

  7. Your inner voice knows you're awesome, but you wont listen.