April 12, 2011

April 12

"Bist du taktlos? Ja! Ich bin General Lee.
Die Hoe bläst das Horn zum Angriff. Deine Verteidigungsstrategie
ist beeindruckend wie die Chinesische Mauer aber sie wurde nur aus Angst erbaut.
Auf Dauer haut dich meine endlos Salve um,

Taktloss - General Lee

"Are you tactless? Yes, I am general lee. The hoe blows the horn to attack. Your defense strategy is impressive like the chinese wall but it was only built out of fear. In the long run my endless volley knocks you out"

Let's put some more life into this! I'm back with a Taktloss track that I really enjoyed, General Lee (BRP 56, 2004).
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aLLvcVmA8g (+ playlist with other songs from the album)

The song is a standart battlerap track, but in a military theme. Taktloss takes on the roll of a fictive military leader, General Lee. He chooses this comparison because the military's job is to kill people in war, and ultimately, to be killed by dying in battle. He takes this idea and puts it into rap by comparing rap battles to wars, and emcees to soldiers. I think this song has some kind of deeper meaning, just look at the chorus and try to figure it out:
"Present the gun! Do you wanna die, then come along to the army because death doesn't hurt!"