March 06, 2011

March 6

"Der Ursprung aller Dinge ist das Kaos, ist doch der Mensch nichts weiter als ein Papierfetzen, abgerissen von einem leeren blatt. Ja es ist blank..."
-Taktloss - Kaos (WWW)
"The root of all things is chaos. The human is nothing more than a scrap of paper, ripped from a blank sheet."

Taktloss' theme for rapping has always been "the underground ghetto kid,", however in his later albums he has developed more of a scary horror style of rapping, called "horror rap". Combined with his philosophical thinking, he has formed this newer style which he showcases especially in this song. He proposes the theory that order and peace doesn't exist, humans imagined and put those into place.
"Kaos," Simple chaos.. that's what Taktloss describes our world to be based on.

This punchline puts the philosophical view of life in a different perspective, stating that humans resemble only a small part of a large, blank, plain mass. I think it sounds like a great inspirational quote, something to possibly live by. If everyone remembered for a second that we are all just a tiny piece with the same root, then we wouldn't have to pick on our differences.

He also made a video for it, here it is:


  1. the more I hear about taktloss the more I like him.

  2. Nice hearing a song today, and the video is kewl. I think my views differ from his tho, as I see order where he sees chaos (that world is based on)... but i appreciate all views, perhaps even especially those that differ from mine. Good stuff.

  3. good post good prespective of thins and stuff we are all a so small in this world so true.good post^^

  4. wait so the name of he post is march 6 and it was posted march 5? are you a magician?

  5. that was a bug, i just fixed it

  6. Meh, not my kind of thing. Though thanks for sharing! BTW, I like the background of your blog d;

  7. WWW was a rather weak release of Taktloss :(

  8. great vid, thanks for posting!

  9. Interesting video.

    I agree with him, we're all blank pages. We're only as chaotic as we make ourselves though.